We help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals with tailored plans that fit into your current lifestyle.

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We offer tailored personal training and nutrition plans designed to meet you wherever you are on your fitness journey – no matter your goal.

Our founder, Christina Pirolli, has a background in yoga and a deep understanding of anatomy and body movement. She focuses on functional strength and nutrition to help clients avoid injury and recover faster from workouts—starting on day one. Our mindful, no-pressure approach delivers realistic, positive lifestyle changes for the long-haul.

Are you ready to build more strength, stamina and confidence to handle whatever life throws your way?

Personal Training & Nutrition


Looking for a live workout partner who can make sure you don’t get injured? This package includes in-person or virtual training sessions along with Voxer support between sessions so you always have support.

Platinum Package


Ready to step up your fitness game but need a bit of direction? We offer live monthly support paired with tailored eating plans for your lifestyle and workouts you can do at your own pace.

Gold Package

Ready to rearrange your furniture easily all by yourself? Imagine dragging the garbage to the curb without a lower back ache. Stop seeing runners and thinking, “ugh, I could never do that.” 

When you work with us, you’ll can achieve all of this safely and flexibly. You won’t need to upend your life or schedule to reap the benefits of personal training. We’ll help you build long-term healthy habits and functional strength that makes real life easier—on your terms.

Personal Training & Nutrition Packages


For me, it all started with yoga. Fifteen years ago, a friend dragged me to a yoga class, and I fell in love with it. I became a certified teacher in 2014 to share my love of yoga with others.

But my lightbulb moment was when I started strength training (at age 41!) and experienced the huge benefits. I loved it so much that I got my NASM Certification in personal training and nutrition coaching, so I can help people like you reach their fitness goals – whether it be weight loss or simply having enough energy to keep up with your kids.

My yoga training gives me an in-depth understanding of the muscles in the body so I can help my clients prevent injuries and recover faster from training sessions. This mindful, yet effective approach with injury prevention at the forefront, helps my clients commit to fitness as a lifestyle, not a fad.

I prioritize training in a supportive, judgment-free environment – no pushy, super intense trainer attitude here (and definitely no "doing it for the 'Gram"). I’ll meet you wherever you are on your fitness path to teach you how to (finally!) incorporate personal training and nutrition in ways that work for you and your life.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer + Nutrition Coach, and Yoga Instructor

Meet Christina Pirolli

Kind Words


Although I do have some restrictions due to prior injuries, Christina always caters my sessions with workouts that won't affect them. She really takes extreme thought into everything she plans for me and her other clients. As accommodating as she is, she still pushes me to get to my goals.


I was scared to navigate the unknown territory of strength training, but I trusted Christina. She is very knowledgeable about the human body and knows different exercises and techniques to target all of the muscle groups. While she definitely challenges me, she also makes it fun. I plan on training with Christina for a long time.


I’ve worked out in gyms, done at-home workouts and even classes but nothing compares to 1:1 training! Christina is not only knowledgeable, but so motivating to get you through that “last rep” or increase the weight when you feel like you can barely keep going. She believes in you so much that you can’t help but believe in yourself! 


Christina is hands down the most amazing trainer I have ever met! She makes the workouts fun and challenging. She tailors each workout to my personal needs. Christina makes me feel comfortable. I have always struggled with my weight and when I workout with her I feel confident and like I belong. Her charismatic, warm personality makes her a pleasure to work with!